To Build Your 5㎡Home Gym

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To Build Your 5㎡Home Gym

It seems like building a home gym is the new trend, especially under the shadow of a pandemic. Apart from the cost of a gym membership, most of us may quit from the public gyms, which are likely closed for the near future, because of lacking long-term incentive, occupying by other complicated kinds of thing like traffic, or laziness.

So you’ve decided to build a home gym at an affordable price, and that’s great!

Start with choosing the right place at your home for building your creative gym. If you have a huge garage or backyard with extra space, then you have plenty of options. But when your space is limited, you can also build 5㎡or even 3㎡effective gyms. 

In most cases, an effective home gym would consist of a yoga mat and resistance bands. We can say that these two kinds of equipment are simple yet extremely effective and convenient for exercising in sweat.


Yoga Mat


For both men and women, perhaps a yoga mat is the most versatile and can be used for doing most kinds of workouts. Besides traditional yoga movements, we can do sit-ups, squats, and other floor movements.


It is a must-have, particularly if you don't want to damage your floor or injure yourself while doing workouts as it can protect your back or knees from the hard floor.


Resistance Bands

1) Fabric

PACEARTH Resistaance Loop Bands

Fabric resistance bands are the perfect choice for lower body trining. You can use it alone for donkey kick or squat, or use it as an addition in conjunction with other bodyweight exercises to your home gym.

2) Tubes

PACEARTH Resistance Bands

Resistance tubes can be very helpful in working your upper body. Simply step onto the resistance band or fix it onto the door with a door anchor, you can stretch and train your body not only inside your house but outdoor.



You can choose either adjustable or fixed dumbbells depends on your preference. These are convenient for both beginner or experienced trainers especially when your space is limited. Dumbbells train you more thoroughly since you’ll have to use stabilizing muscles.


AB Roller Wheel 

PACEARTH Ab Roller Wheel

If you are aiming to build your six-pack ab muscle and strengthen your core muscles (abs, glutes, lower back muscles, and obliques) in-home, you will need a heavy-duty Ab roller wheel to help you achieve the target. But be aware that if you are a beginner, you’re better served with slow, deliberate movements as ab roller requires focus and high strength.


There is other ideal equipment for a home gym like skipping rope, gymnastic rings, pull-up bar, and bench if you’re serious about building a home gym.


Put all this equipment together wouldn’t occupy too much space, and you will have an effective home gym that can get you the same results as you would have from going to the gym.

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