Strength Train At Least Once a Week

Strength Train At Least Once a Week

Many people subscribe to the notion that strength training is going to make them "bulky." Little did they know they are missing out on one of the best ways to tone up, ignite metabolism, and improve posture.

Here are the top reasons you (and everyone you know) should strength train, too.

Strength training elevates your metabolism.
Strength training raises excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC). This is important to all of us since this process can raise your metabolism for up to 24 hours after your workout concludes. This change allows the body to burn fat more efficiently throughout the day while securing sustained energy. Additionally, lean muscle improves posture, sculpts the physique, and protects our bones.

It can help you beat sugar cravings.
Another big advantage of working out with weights is improving glucose metabolism. Strength training boosts the number of proteins that take glucose out of the blood and transport it into the skeletal muscle. This gives the muscles more energy and lowers overall blood-glucose levels. The body's insulin response will be lowered, which limits rapid blood sugar spikes. Not only is this important for beating cravings, but it also keeps our bodies from holding on to unnecessary fat.

Sitting all day? Strength training reduces the negative effects.
A strong foundation (aka a strong body) helps take pressure off the joints. When we sit for long periods of time, we lose activation in our core and glutes. This leads to added pressure in places like the lower back. In order to avoid this issue, it is incredibly beneficial (and imperative) to strengthen these muscle groups—that way these muscles can support the body at all times, even in passive situations.

But strength training equipment is not only limited to barbells, metal discs, or large exercise machines, your own body weight can also be used as the load for your strength training.
These wood gymnastic rings are made of 32mm thick birch wood and 1.5 inch wide heavy duty polyester straps with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1500lbs. With the scale on the straps, you can easily adjust the two rings to the same height. The additional grip bands ensures you a firm and comfortable grip of the rings.

Set the rings up in your house or in the office and start your strength training, soon you will fall in love with them and want to exercise more often than once a week.

Here are some recommended postures for beginners:
1.Top support
Jump into the top position of a dip – elbows locked, rings close to your body, knuckles facing your sides. Hold for a second, then turn your knuckles outward. This locks your elbows into position, making the position more stable.
From the top support position, bring your legs up until they’re parallel to the floor, brace your abs and hold. If your flexibility’s hurting you, practise the move on the floor: sit with your hands as far forwards as possible and bring your legs up slightly, then lower, for five reps.
3.Back Lever
Start like you’re doing a skin the cat (see below), keeping your legs straight. As your hips pass the top of the move, straighten your body so that you’re hanging parallel to the floor, face down. This move puts a lot of strain on your biceps, so do it when you’re fresh and don’t overdo the reps.
4.Front Lever
Much harder than the back lever. You’ll need to use your lats to lock yourself into position, which makes it extremely challenging. It might take longer to master than the other two moves, but it’s a solid show-off pose. Pull slowly into the position and brace your whole body.
5.The Shoulder Fixer: Skin The Cat
When you did this as a kid, it was easy. Now that you’re grown up, it’s fundamental to full-ROM shoulder strength. By hanging from the rings and then rotating your body through your arms, you take your shoulders to full extension, where you can hang in the position known as the German Hang for a stretch. Here’s the advanced version.

When you are able to handle all these moves, search for more on the internet or create your own styles under professional guidance. So tone up and feel the changes in your body with this cost-effective equipment now.

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